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  • So economy (Ð100 and up)
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About Shibe Mart (beta)

Shibe Mart is a marketplace for dogecoin.  There are helpful Shibes waiting to do tricks (services) for you.  Graphics, videos, whatever (some might even bark, no biting though).  Join us and shop with dogecoin.

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How to buy

  1. Sign up
  2. Click the buy button on a trick
  3. Send dogecoin to the address specified
  4. Wait for an email that says the seller has completed it (or download it instantly if it is a download).

How to sell

  1. Sign up
  2. Submit a trick (service) or download and wait for it to be approved
  3. Receive emails from Shibes wanting you to do your trick
  4. If it's a service, complete the service
    If it's a download you won't have to do anything else, buyers will instantly be given access after they pay
  5. Get dogecoin

Four reasons you should use Shibe Mart today:

  1. You're a rich shibe with dogecoin burning your paws
  2. You're a poor shibe who wants dogecoin to burn your paws
  3. You're a regular shibe looking to spend or make some dogecoin
  4. You're not good at counting
  5. Wow