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Sellers have never had full control over the prices their services and/or downloads sold for.  Today we added a lot more flexibility.

Previously, sellers had a dropdown menu with available prices to choose from.  While we liked the idea of keeping services/downloads stratified by price, many sellers asked to have more control over their pricing.  With that in mind, we have just given sellers a lot more control over their pricing.  As a seller you may now choose any price between Ð100 and Ð100,000 as long as it meets the following guidelines:

  • Prices between Ð100 and Ð10,000 must be dvisible by 100 (so 300 is ok, but 350 or 399 is not)
  • Prices between Ð10,001 and Ð50,000 must be dvisible by 250
  • Prices between Ð50,001 and 100,000 must be divisible by 500

The compromise outlined above gives way more power to sellers to set their own prices while still maintaining some level of price stratas.

P.S. We may modify the exact requirements outlined above from time to time to better serve our buyers and sellers.

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