How does this work?


  1. Add tricks
  2. When a user pays for a trick you will receive an email notification
  3. Complete the trick and mark it as complete
  4. When the buyers marks the trick as complete, funds (minus our 10% fee and our payment processor's .5% fee) will be released to you


  1. Find a trick you want
  2. Click buy
  3. Send the required Ð to the address specified
    (it is not sent to the seller until the service is complete)
  4. When the Ð is received you will be notified with an email
  5. When the seller finished you will be notified with an email
    Alternatively, if this was a download purchase you will immediately be able to download it
  6. Mark the item as complete

Safe selling tips

  • Don't start working on a sale until the buyer has paid for it by sending us Ð (you will receive an email notification when this happens). i.e.:

    Tricks that are not paid will not show up on your dashboard
  • Don't communicate with buyers outside of the site, they may try to convince you they have already paid for something even though they have not

Safe buying tips

  • Never pay for a trick outside of Shibe Mart
  • Do not communicate with sellers outside of Shibe Mart, it makes it impossible for us to moderate and easier for them to scam you