I will create an Original electronic song for you.

I will create an Original electronic song for you. image

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Hi my name is Dispatj! 

I have been making music for over 6 years as well as being a DJ. I am bristling with creativity energy at the moment and would love to combine that with my new found love for Dogecoin. 

5000 doge per song I make for you, if you want more than one, make multiple purchases. Give me about a day and I will get back to you with the file type of your choice (MP3, MIDI, WAV etc). 

Please link me any music or songs you would want remixed as well.. (I will remix in my style).

The track will also go on my sound-cloud page for the world to hear :)

Happy Doge! :)

Have a listen much musix hurr http://soundcloud.com/dispatj

Dispatj's Doge Address: D8cuLL7Mkkgn5gqP6YuN5uQACDMX1apQTK Such kindness, much musiks, such doge. WOW

Ð 5,000


Approximate timeframe
2 days

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