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This script will let you send anyone you want an email from anyone.  Great for pranking your friends, getting out of homework, resurrecting the dead, and countless other things.So, if you want an email sent to your mom from [email protected], telling her that he played golf with you yesterday and that's why you couldn't clean your room, this script will let you do that.
If you want an email from [email protected] saying that you are excused from the class project, it can do that.
Just enter the "from" address, the "to" address, the subject, and the body. It can also have any reply be automatically sent to your email address, so that you can read what they say in response. 
Here's an example request:From: Bill Gates ([email protected])To:[email protected]: Thanks for the computer helpBody: Hey there Fred,This is Bill. I just wanted to personally thank you for fixing my computer yesterday. I can't seem to figure out how Windows 8 works, it just doesn't make sense to me.|PAnyways, if you ever need a ride in my helicopter, just give me a shout and I'll send it right over.|PSincerely,William Gates

Pretty cool, right? Restrictions: Occasionally these will get sent to spam because the domain is unfamiliar ( likely hasn't emailed your mom before) so just be aware of that. Examination of the headers will reveal that the origin address is fake. No one really does that, but the point is, don't try to pull the wool over the eyes of someone tech saavy. They'll see through it in a moment.

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jjm4000 3 years ago

Is this a one time use, or a multiple time thing?

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throwingawaydoge 2 years, 7 months ago

As many as you like!

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