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Upon purchase, I'll begin writing a medium paragraph featuring sentences that are weird and random. When I'm done, I'll send it to you in a way of your choice. It can be either an image, text file, or just some text that you can copy-and-paste to use to your needs, or read to amuse yourself. Half of all dogecoin received (I get 10.) will be donated to faucets and/or charities of either your choice or at random, depending on if you say. 
BONUS: I will probably overwrite because writing this stuff is seriously fun. I might not, but the odds are for you, not against you. 

Ð 100


Approximate timeframe
1 days

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Heedx 2 years, 1 month ago

How do I send my dogecoin to you? It won't give me an address when I press 'buy it' and the qr code doesn't scan.

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